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Kalite Editing Services: Your solution partner for scientific publication
Who we are

Kalite Editing Services is a company based in Turkey that performs editing and proofreading services for research studies and manuscripts written in English. Kalite Editing Services also offers formatting, text shortening, plagiarism detection, paraphrasing, poster preparation, transcription, typesetting and page design, journal-selection counseling, and academic-journal promotion services. As a sector leader for many years, we have a developed an impressive customer portfolio which comprises prestigious faculty members and researchers from almost every country, including some of the most important individuals in the academic community.

With its specialized staff, all of whom hold master’s or and doctoral degrees in their respective fields, Kalite Editing Services has contributed to studies conducted by thousands of faculty members from all over the world. Our organization has completed countless scientific and academic literature projects and continues to operate with the aim of providing the most efficient, high-quality service in academic editing and publication fields.

We carry out the editing and proofreading procedures for submissions to peer-reviewed journals included in the Science Citation Index (SCI), Science Citation Index-Expanded (SCI-Expanded), Social Science Citation Index (SSCI), AHCI, Index Medicus (IM), Dental Index (DI), Engineering Index (EI), CompuMath Citation Index (CMCI), PubMed, Scopus and many other indices. We also provide services to help researchers and authors prepare presentations for conferences, symposiums, seminars, conventions, and panels. Finally, we support the future of academic publishing by editing and proofreading academic studies such as doctoral and master’s dissertations.


Kalite Editing Services is a registered trademark of Kalite Tercüme, a leading Turkish organization in academic translation sector. Our company has sales representatives in the US, Brazil, England, Germany, Russia, Japan, China, India, and Egypt.

With more than 20 years’ experience, Kalite Tercüme created the Kalite Akademik (Kalite Academic Studies) brand based on an improved portfolio for academic translation and editing services. The Kalite Editing Services brand was developed from the same organization, combining existing in-depth experience with the innovations needed to support and improve the sector as a whole.

To provide the best service to the world of education and science, Kalite Editing Services is fastidious in following the development in and around the academic publication sector, examining its various research studies, and investigating a variety of databases.

Our mission

Kalite Editing Services was established to support faculty members when submitting their studies and manuscripts to academic journals with high impact factors and which included in various indices such as SCI-Expanded, SSCI and AHCI. Our organization specializes in helping authors who have English as a second language. The most common reason why authors have their journal submissions rejected is because of their articles’ English language quality, which is why it is often necessary to have a submission checked by an expert editor who is also a native speaker of English . Thus, we have adopted the mission to act as a bridge between these two groups, helping authors overcome such an obstacle.

Our vision

Kalite Editing Services aims to contribute to the world of education and science by giving the most efficient responses of the academic sectors. We hope to achieve our aim by supporting both new and existing authors, as well as providing support for the admission of a growing number of scientific studies for publication.


Our company was established in 1995 in Turkey and focused on the field of academic literature and research. After considerable achievements in this area in a very short period of time, Kalite Editing Services soon became a recognized trademark and guarantee of quality service. We continue to be the first choice for tens of thousands of faculty members from thousands of universities, while also widening the range of services we provide to those in the academic research and publishing fields.

Build a partnership
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Kalite Editing Services is a preferred business partner for many world-leading universities, faculty members, publishing houses, and research institutions. It helps lay the foundations for the preparation and finalization of manuscripts and other materials for submission for publication in various peer-reviewed academic journals, scientific conventions, and other, similar platforms. Since 1995, we have collaborated with researchers and faculty members from over than 100 countries, facilitating, assisting and promoting studies and helping to realize academic achievement in published form.

Why should you work with Kalite Editing Services?

Customer-focused operation

Our team operates on the following principle: “Our priority is customer satisfaction”; every member is focused on meeting customers’ expectations, regardless of the content, author, or volume of the project in question.

In-depth staff

We have a high-volume business flow. Nevertheless, a professional, individual response is always provided thanks to our strong technological background, our constantly-growing staff of editors and our project management team.


Our team of professional editors includes over 1,000 native English speakers. All our editors are experienced in proofreading, publication, and reviewing. We have specialized editors in every research and study field.

Global presence

Kalite Editing Service operates with sales representatives in the US, Germany, France, UK, Russia, Egypt, Japan, China, India, and Brazil.

How do universities benefit from working with us?

Kalite Editing Services offer a wide range of services to support faculty members in improving the quality of their manuscripts, thereby facilitating their submission and publication.

Kalite Editing Services are preferred by some of the world’s leading universities and their faculty members. Our services improve and enhance the universities’ performance and help make academic publications available to larger groups of people worldwide.

Increase in manuscript admission rates

The services provided by Kalite Editing Services helps increase the manuscripts’ admission rate by an average of 80%.

More publications in international indices

Due to the improvement of the language and content of their manuscripts, universities will enjoy an increased number of published articles and studies among international journals with high impact factors.

More international recognition

Universities become globally more renowned as the number of their publications increases among international journals, thereby facilitating universities’ international collaboration.

How do publishing houses benefit from us?

Kalite Editing Services collaborates with publishing houses and contributes to the promotion of the academic journals they publish. Our mass e-mail delivery service helps to promote these publishing houses and every issue of every journal they produce, thereby helping them to reach members studying in the relevant areas all over the world.

With this promotion, the contents of each journal issue are read by more and more faculty members, leading to a remarkable increase in the number of references to each article and significantly improving the international recognition of the publishing house in question.

Improve the reputation of your publishing house

Growing brands and brand awareness

With the support of Kalite Editing Services you can reach over three million authors in over 100 countries, maximizing the capacity of your studies on a global scale. Through its impressive reputation, promotional capacity, and strong impact in every country, you can grow your brand and increase its awareness among those countries where English is not spoken as a native language.

Entering new markets

Our global activities are also tailored to each country’s domestic market. This helps our clients enter and penetrate new markets. By collaborating with us, you can easily access over 200 universities and their libraries.

Safe communication

As Kalite Editing Services, we ensure optimum protection of informational security and customer privacy thanks to robust and modern technological infrastructure. Our organization has both information security (ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System) and quality management (ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System) certificates.

Privacy and Security
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Our company has an ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certificate. We are extremely cautious in safeguarding the information we have been given, including texts that involve personal information or articles that have not yet been published. Our editors and other workers comply to all our confidentiality rules and policies during the editing process.

The collected data are stored in a secure environment. We take numerous measures and precautions to prevent the inappropriate use, destruction, change or leaking of data, including any type of unauthorized access to the information we store, also ensuring our editors take these measures and act in a sensitive manner regarding customer data and confidentiality. Additionally, we follow all developments in the area of information security to ensure the protection of your information and documents.

As Kalite Editing Services, we use an industry-standard (128-bit SSL) or higher-level encryption methods for all confidential communication between your computer and our website.

Personal information

Personal information includes name, age, sex, address, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth, education, occupation, and all other types of information that describes an individual. Personal information cannot be collected without the permission of the individual concerned, and cannot be used for any other purpose than those listed below:

Personal information cannot be disclosed to third parties in any form without the consent of the individual concerned except regarding legal requirements. You can contact us if you wish to change your information.

File submission

All the files that you send us via the quote request panel on our website or via e-mail are strictly protected in the digital environment by virus protection software or other protection methods.

Personal privacy agreements

All our employees and editors accept and commit to comply with the conditions and rules of our personal privacy agreements. We regularly inform our editors about these precautions by training them on security of customer information, and continuously renew our security procedures. Furthermore, we obey all laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal and other types of confidential information.

Changing the privacy policy

The content of the Privacy Policy on this website is changed when necessary. We recommend that you consider the current version.

Join us!

join us

As Kalite Editing Services, we offer fantastic job and working opportunities to skilled and professional editors. We invite every prospective editor who is experienced, committed to high academic values, and focused on customer satisfaction, to join our team and ascribe to our principle of providing quality language and editing services. At Kalite Editing Services we are also glad to help out young talent gain experience by involving and nurturing them through our editor network.

Our recruitment process utilizes modern selection techniques through careful, objective, and multi-step interviews.

You can take an important step in your career by working with one of the leading companies of the editing sector, Kalite Editing Services.

Working with us means being part of a team that provides editing services to some of the most prestigious customers in the world. You may make an application to join our team so long as you have specialized editing knowledge, master’s degree or a doctoral degree in your own study area.

  • Health sciences and medicine
  • Applied sciences
  • Engineering and architecture
  • Education
  • Economics and business administration
  • Art and social sciences
  • Law
  • Five or more years of professional experience in a particular research field or study area
  • Experience in editing academic texts (e.g. articles)
  • A master’s or doctoral degree
  • Proficient at using MS Office programs and elements
  • A disciplined, organized, and professional approach to working
  • Careful and strict adherence to delivery deadlines
  • Open communication understanding and ability
  • Attentive to details and capable of working carefully and patiently
  • Proficient working knowledge of English grammar and syntax
  • Ability to use and include accurate and specialized terminology and content
  • Be fully informed about spelling, organization, and section headings
  • Edit, correct and emend documents while retaining the meaning of the original text
  • Highly proficient use of the English language when simplifying and correcting the style, terminological use and fluency of an academic text
  • Advanced knowledge of punctuation, spelling and paragraph structure in academic writing
  • Ability to format texts in accordance with APA, CMS, AMA, CSE and IEEE styles

Top management team

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