Typesetting and cover design

Most authors need help formatting their studies for online or printed publication. This stage involves the typesetting of your content in a variety of formats. Typesetting is undertaken by our team of typesetting and design specialists who consists of graphic-design specialists. We ensure that your manuscripts with ready content are typeset using a professional design approach for their use among several different media and materials, including printed and online journals, books, booklets, catalogs, brochures and manuals. For those studies that are to be published online, we send you the typeset materials in .pdf format.

Printing to a professional quality demands experience and professional skill. Our team of specialists are experienced across an array of printed media and materials and are able to reorganize the typeset documents according to printed colors, design organization, margins and the quality of the paper upon which the study is to be printed. Once the typesetting process has been completed using the print material, we send you the original program print-outs, documents of the fonts used, and the print-ready .pdf file.

Our cover-design service is undertaken by two separate teams to ensure that your journal, catalog, or manuals make a strong and unforgettable first impression on your target readership. The first of these teams is responsible for devising professional design ideas, while the second team is responsible for transferring these design ideas into the digital environment. Due to the common specialization of members of our teams we are able to create cover designs that fit and compliment the content in question including the implementation of your special instructions in an interesting and professional manner.

Cover design rules and restrictions are partially determined by the type of material that is to be designed. For instance, a reader’s expectations are completely different regarding the cover design of a scientific journal when compared to that of a tabloid magazine. The designs that will be interesting for readers may also vary by different types of materials. Our team of professional cover designers create cover design ideas considering all of these variables.

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Prices for typesetting and cover design

We do the typesetting and cover design of your scientific journals, brochures, books, catalogs, technical guides, and booklets with a guarantee of affordable prices and with the assistance of our professional team that has been working in this area for a many years.

You can request a quote for typesetting and cover design service from info@kaliteediting.com.

Your questions about typesetting and cover design

No. We only perform the typesetting and design of your academic material.
This time depends on the number of book’s pages as well as the covers that are being designed at that time. The average time for designing book covers and hardcovers ranges between three weeks and six weeks.