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This service ensures that your manuscript is formatted according to the style guide and/or the submission criteria for your journal of choice. This is important as different formats are required or preferred by different journals.

At Kalite Editing Services we are able to format articles according to APA (The American Psychological Association), MLA (The Modern Language Association), Chicago, Harvard, IEEE, Vancouver, AMA , NLM , AAA , CBE/CSE , AIP , ACS , AMS , and ASA styles, as well as the particular house styles of unique journals.

Accordingly, as an author you will be able to spend more time on improving the quality of your content rather than spending extra time making sure your manuscript adheres to the formatting style. Kalite Editing Services’ specialized staff can compete this necessary and time-consuming process for you, thereby facilitating the acceptance of your manuscript for publication.

Our formatting specialists organize the layout, text format, titles, cover page, figure placement, and the quotations/references according to the principles and house style of the journal to which you plan to submit your manuscript.

The operations performed within our formatting service:

Pricing for formatting

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Your questions about formatting

With formatting, our specialists do not undertake the language editing procedure (e.g., correction of grammar mistakes, rewriting, and correcting the mistakes in word choice). Instead, they ensure the compliance of your study with the principles and spelling criteria and demands of your target journal. Formatting involves checks on the layout, font, spaces between text sections and lines, as well as quotations and references. This service also involves the formatting of titles, making sure that all necessary sections are included in the manuscript, as well as a check of your manuscript’s cover page. Other points included in the formatting service are word count, figure numbers, enumeration of reference, excess use of notes, and the correct placement of tables and figures.
No. The formatting of figures is a separate service.
Due to the different spelling and formatting rules among journals, formatting previously formatted manuscript for another journal may require charging you again.