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We are able to analyze and check your manuscript by using both the iThenticate and Turnitin programs before you submit it to your preferred journal for publication, saving you both time and effort.

When you send your study to a journal, the journal editor will check your manuscript for plagiarism. Many authors plagiarize other documents unintentionally, or else are seen as plagiarizing due to erroneous determinations of analysis programs. A high plagiarism rate can have a negative impact on your manuscript’s admission process, potentially damaging the authors’ reputation as a high plagiarism rate is also perceived as the violation ethics.

We prevent all possible plagiarism issues by reviewing your studies for plagiarism using both the iThenticate and Turnitin programs, providing necessary information to our authors by presenting a plagiarism report. This report highlights those parts of your study that are similar to other studies and that may incur the charge of plagiarism. By using the plagiarism check service you can decrease the plagiarism rate of your study while ensuring that the relevant sections are unique or dissimilar to existing studies. This will also serve to mitigate wasted effort and time experience throughout the publication process.

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We are able to paraphrase/rewrite studies as well, and can accept paraphrasing sections of text so long as they are at least a paragraph in length. However, rewriting sentences individually can cause too many semantic shifts and may not always be possible.