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Reorganizing the order or the wording of an original sentence while retaining its meaning is called ‘paraphrasing’ or ‘rewriting’. Paraphrasing can improve the content and succinctness of a manuscript, updating its ideas and enriching its content through the provision of comments and recommendations.

Rewriting or paraphrasing is necessary when a study includes indirect quotations from articles, reports, theses, books and similar academic publications prepared by different authors. The ethical values of academic studies are protected by providing the correct references and citations for paraphrased or rewritten parts of an academic manuscript.

Paraphrasing/Rewriting rules
What is the content of a paraphrasing or rewriting procedure?

An example of paraphrasing:

Original text

The study of happiness has received a tremendous boost from the advent of positive psychology. Happiness is generally defined as subjective well-being, which is to say, an experiential state that contains a globally positive affective tone (Baumeister et al., 2013:505).

Paraphrased text

The emergence of positive psychology has been a significant impetus behind greater investigation into the concept of happiness. Happiness is usually described as a state of well-being, but this remains highly subjective. According to Baumeister et al. (2013: 505), the state of happiness can be described experimentally, and the affective tone it contains is described as positive in all societies.

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