Preparing posters

As part of this service, our team of specialists prepare eye-catching posters that have strong readability, chromatic harmony, and visual quality. Your designs are precisely and arrestingly implemented according to the preparation guide of the academic event in which you shall participate.

As part of the poster-preparation process, the poster content is sent to the author, who fills in the necessary details. This allows our team to compose the poster, including its text, tables, graphs and infographics, in accordance with the requirements of both the author and the event.

All the poster’s textual content is prepared and by our specialized team, who ensure the entirety of its meaning and subject matter are retained. The poster is then checked by a native English-speaking editor. This enables the content of the poster to be conveyed to the poster’s design in a comprehensible and mistake-free manner.

Tables, graphs, and figures are all included and arranged in the poster in high-resolution by our team of experienced designers, thereby preventing any problems that might emerge during the printing process. All posters are prepared using licensed Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator programs.

The accepted file formats for posters are:

Articles and studies that are not in these specified formats should be sent in high-resolution .pdf or .eps.

To prevent any resolution issues that may emerge during the printing process, we ask that, when possible, all logos, graphs, diagrams, and figures are sent in vector format. Alternatively, resolution of these elements should be as high as possible.

Poster example:
poster örneği

Pricing for posters

You can request a quote for poster preparation service by sending your file to

Your questions about poster preparation

If images, graphics, diagrams, and institution logos are provided in high-resolution they should appear boldly and clearly in print. If possible, the files provided to us should be in vector file format (e.g., EPS, PDF, XLS) for us to deliver files with the highest resolution possible.