Kalite Editing Services has a transparent and fair pricing policy. Our prices are both competitive and accurate considering the high quality of services we provide.


The fees we charge for our proofreading services depend on the word count of the source text. This means that you can calculate how much we will charge for your manuscript’s Editing/Proofreading services by using the word count calculation and pricing tool. We have no minimum price principle, regardless of how few words your study or manuscript contains.

If you want a quote for proofreading or editing service for your study or manuscript, just fill out the order form and we will contact you as quickly as possible, sending you an offer that includes the price and the time of delivery.

Alternatively, you can send your file to to receive information about your manuscript’s price and delivery time.

Most companies offering proofreading and editing services demand different unit prices for different delivery times. These companies impose serious price increases for assignments that must be delivered sooner, offering their customers different delivery time options. Kalite Editing Services’ prices do not vary according to delivery time; every manuscript submitted to us for editing and proofreading has a certain delivery time which can be predetermined and anticipated based on the volume of the text in question. When determining this time, we consider the minimum period of work required for each text, our customers’ expectations, and the availability of editors who specialize in your field . As Kalite Editing Services, we consider and anticipate the time required to complete each study before informing you, our valuable customers, of this period. Accordingly we can maintain our fixed-price policy.


  • Grammar
  • Subject-predicate (verb) consistency
  • Use of correct tenses
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Correct use of spaces and breaks
  • Correct use of upper-case and lower-case letters
  • Word choice and terminology
  • Adaptation of the manuscript to American English or British(UK)      English as preferred by the author
  • Correct definite (the) and indefinite (a/an) article use
  • Abbreviation and acronym use
  • Style and use of numeric values
  • Editing certificate


Formatting includes the organization and correction of your manuscript’s writing styles, page layout, and arrangement of your document’s headers and sub-headers. It also includes checking the placement of figures in your document and the reorganization of references in accordance with your target journal’s format.

You can request a quote for formatting service from

Detecting plagiarism

You can request a quote for plagiarism detection service from


You can request a quote for paraphrasing service by sending your file to

Preparing Posters

You can request a quote for poster preparation service


You can request a quote for transcription service from

Typesetting and page design

This service includes typesetting and page design for your scientific journals’ brochures, books, catalogs, technical guides and booklets. Throughout this service, which is offered at an affordable price, you will work with our professional team who have experience in this area.

Our prices for typesetting range between 3–6 USD per page, depending on study type.

Our page-design price depends on the type of study in question, you may request a quote for this service by sending an email to

Journal selection

You can get a quote for journal selection by sending an e-mail to this address:

Journal promotion

You can get a quote for journal promotion by sending an e-mail to this address:


We offer a variety of rapid and secure payment methods including credit/debit card, bank wire or TransferWise. All transaction fees are borne by the clients.

The payment methods we accept include:

We offer you flexible, secure, and convenient payment options which help you use our services anywhere and any time.


Credit/debit card

Kalite Editing Services accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Sofort Überweisung, Giropay, and Qiwi. We use 128-bit SSL certification, a strong and reliable security system which handles all information through an encryption method that meets industry standards.

Our secure payment gateway is PCI/VeriSign-enabled.

We absolutely do not record any other information, such as “Card Validation Value” or “Card Security Code” as part of this process.


Bank Transfer

You can pay directly into our bank account. We request that you send the bank wire transfer receipt to us via email. We recommend bank wire for high-value transactions exceeding $1000. The transaction fee is borne by you.



This payment method is an alternative to international business banking, and is cheaper, faster, and easier than bank wire.

You can easily open a free online account that you can use to make payments in multiple currencies.

After completing the payment steps on the TransferWise website, you simply pay into the TransferWise bank account in your country. Transferwise pays us from its account in Turkey using the real exchange rate. The system is very simple and easy to use.

The transaction fee is borne by you.

We request that you send us the transfer receipt via email.

Corporate Discount


Get 5% discount!

We give special discounted prices to the journals, publishing houses, organizations, and universities who are our solution partners.

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Your questions about pricing and payment

You need to enter your payment information when making an order. Work on your project or manuscript will commence right after your payment has been confirmed. Please enter the correct word count for your order to be processed so that any delay concerning the delivery of your edited manuscript can be prevented. The word count you enter is checked carefully by our team.
No, we do not charge VAT or any other type of tax.
We charge our fees in USD.
This transaction is carried out online and off-line by Chase Paymentech, one of the largest and most reputable credit card processors in the world.
If you have registered our system and a quote has been made, that quote will be valid for seven days.