As part of the transcription service, our team of specialists decipher a variety of audio files for forums, panels, seminars, conferences, symposiums, presentations, and lectures, using only voice recordings or audio and video files. We also provide a professional transcription service which adheres to the principle of confidentiality addressed to public agencies, universities, academic personnel, medical organizations, law offices, social organizations, advertising agencies, and production companies.

Our transcription services are completed in two stages. In the first stage, a specialist in the relevant field performs the transcription. In the second stage, another specialist checks the documents prepared throughout the first stage from the beginning to the end, comparing the transcribed text to the original audio content. Any parts or section of the audio content that are not understandable are identified in the transcription file by indicating the segment at the relevant location and time.

We also provide professional transcription editing service for transcription files which is undertaken by a member of our native English-speaking team of editors who is specialized in the subject of your transcript. In accordance with your specific requests, this service helps you enrich and detail your transcription text using subject-specific terminology.

Pricing for transcription

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Your questions about transcription

Yes. We indicate all speakers with their initials (assuming their names are given/available) as Speaker 1, Speaker 2, Speaker 3 etc.
Transcribed texts are 98% to 100% accurate. The rate of accuracy may be lower for more challenging texts, such as those with higher levels of background noise and those with speakers with strong non-native accents.
We only provide transcription services for English language recordings. However, this includes conversations and all other kinds of speaking
Yes, absolutely. All our transcription specialists are professional workers committed to our terms of service. In addition, we take system-based precautions to ensure the safety of your data. In no circumstances do we sell or give your data to third parties.
This transaction is carried out online and off-line by Chase Paymentech, one of the largest and most reputable credit card processors in the world.
If you have registered our system and a quote has been made, that quote will be valid for seven days.
Ambiguous and unclear sections often need to be considered and listened to several times to identify the conversation accurately.
  • Ambient noise (e.g., rustling, line noise, interference)
  • Noisy environments (e.g., streets, bars, restaurants, or other types of background noise)
  • Speakers who are recorded from a distance (e.g., ambiguous, distant voices)
  • Speakers with a strong non-American accent (e.g., British, Australian, Indian, Hispanic, and other non-American speakers)
  • Interruptions in the recording (e.g., poor phone line, gaps in the audio)
  • Disturbing sounds (e.g., audible typing on keyboard, rustling, sound of wind, sounds of breathing)
  • Incidences of deterioration (e.g., deterioration of volume, high voices, sound cuts)
  • Speakers who cannot be understood (e.g., mumbling, changes in volume, frequent overlapping of voices)
  • Echoes (e.g., reverberation, the same sound can be heard twice)
  • Quality (e.g., low sample/bit rate, poor conference line, recorded off speakers)
  • Diction (e.g., poor pronunciation, speaking fast, unnatural pronunciation)
  • Deep voices (e.g., hidden or blocked microphone, old recordings.